Grandfather Mountain’s new Wilson Center for Nature Discovery will take your experience to new heights.

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Conservation Campus Map Legend

  1. Wilson Center for Nature Discovery
  2. Paul & Susie O’Connell Exhibit Hall
  3. The Hodges Auditorium and Documentary Theatre
  4. The Williams Outdoor Learning Space
  5. Environmental Education Classroom 1
  6. Habitat and Education Office
  7. Cobey Botanical Garden
  8. Flora Wall Exhibit
  9. Tree Stories & Timeline
  10. Migration Mapping and the World of Birds
  11. Weather & Climate
  12. Shadow Play
  13. Fauna Wall Exhibit
  14. Environmental Education Classroom 2
  15. Environmental Education Classroom 3
  16. Interactive 3D Map
  17. Panoramic Viewing Towers
  18. Mineral Cave
  19. Sunroom Meeting Space
  20. Grand Deck & Patio
  21. Mildred’s Grill
  22. Electric Vehicle Car Charging Station

Grandfather Mountain | Home to the Swinging Bridge, Animal Habitats and Nature Museum

GPS: 2050 Blowing Rock Highway, Linville, NC 28646
Mailing: PO Box 129, Linville, NC 28646

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