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The Remarkable Rhododendron Ramble

Few plants signify “summer” in the mountains quite like the vivid pink Catawba rhododendron, and Grandfather Mountain is center stage for the spectacular annual show. To showcase the beauty and significance of this native plant, Grandfather Mountain naturalists will host the Remarkable Rhododendron Ramble from June 1-9, featuring guided excursions June 1-8 and a native plant celebrate June...
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Grandfather Mountain open despite U.S. 221 closure

Grandfather Mountain remains open, despite flood damage to U.S. 221. Recent heavy rains and flash-flooding washed out a portion of U.S. 221 between Linville and Blowing Rock, approximately 2 miles north of the Grandfather Mountain Entrance Gate. According to officials, the damaged section of the highway will be closed indefinitely. Fortunately, the most frequently traveled routes remain open. Visitors from the Boone and Blowing Rock areas may take N.C. 105 South to U.S. 221 North, while those traveling from Asheville can follow U.S. 221 North directly to Grandfather Mountain’s Entrance...
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Featured Events

  • May 30 Extreme Weather of Grandfather Mountain

    Grandfather Mountain is home to an official weather station in partnership with Appalachian State University’s Dr. Baker Perry. Join him in exploring the sites on Grandfather Mountain that are indicative of what is to come in our region.

  • Jun 01 Nature Photography Weekend 2018

    Visit Grandfather Mountain to hear presentations from top nature photographers, and photograph spectacular scenery and native animals during the day. Additional cost. Online registration begins April 2 at