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Adopt Smokey!
Smokey came to Grandfather Mountain on April 12, 2001, at approximately 10 weeks of age from a facility out west. She flew on a plane with her sister, Flower, to Charlotte, N.C., where she had to spend the night in a hotel with her keepers before coming to her new home. Smokey was hand-raised by the habitat staff. She was very tiny and adorable as could be, but also possessed a serious temper! If a keeper was lax in their bottle holding duty, Smokey was quick to let them know how she felt with some nasty bites and scratches. She was named after Smoky Bissell, who arranged the hotel accommodations for her and Flower.

Smokey is very quiet and does not like to be the center of attention. One could say that she is a little shy. Whenever there is an argument among the other bears, Smokey tends to watch from the sidelines instead of getting in the middle. She loves lounging in sun beams, harassing her neighbor, Aspen the cougar, and hanging out with Flower. During the colder months, she and Flower are inseparable and even den together over the winter.

Adopt at any level and know your animal—and you—will be well cared for. Celebrating a birthday or special occasion? Adoptions make great gifts, too.

$25 Level
– Certificate of adoption
– 5×7 photograph with description of adopted animal
– Grandfather Mountain eNewsletter subscription

$50 Level
Includes everything from the $25 level, plus:
– Animal Footprint Painting
– Photo upgrade: 8×10 photograph

$100 Level
Includes everything from the $50 level, plus:
– Plush of Adopted Animal
– 2 adult day passes to the park

$250 Level
Includes everything from the $100 level, plus:
– Pass upgrade: 6 adult day passes to the park instead of 2

$500 Level
Includes everything from the $250 level, plus:
– Behind-the-scenes group tour for 6 and a visit with your animal

$1,000 Level
Includes everything from the $500 level, plus:
– 2 Personalized videos of your adopted animal sent to you during the year

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$25 / $20.96
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$100 / $30.68
$250 / $84.68
$500 / $124.68
$1,000 / $574.35

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