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Oscar came to Grandfather Mountain in August 2014, when he was only six months old. Oscar and his family had been dug out of their den by a dog, and sadly, one of his siblings was killed. Oscar was taken in by a rehabber and remained with her for five weeks. He was then brought to a rehabber in Lincoln County, the very same rehabber who raised our own Luna and Nova. Otter pups in the wild remain with their mothers for up to a year in order to learn valuable skills, such as hunting and swimming. Therefore, a licensed rehabber must take on the role of an adoptive mother, which she was happy to do!

Oscar is a very timid otter. He doesn’t like change very much, and when he is separated from his friends, he whimpers and whines. He even chirps at his keepers when he sees them around. He is a great little swimmer and enjoys chasing people back and forth at the underwater viewing area. So, although Oscar may seem shy, he certainly loves to swim and entertain guests. He can often be seen chasing his playmate, Nova, around and getting into trouble with her. He loves to drag clumps of grass into his water buckets and make a mess!

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