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Kodiak came to Grandfather Mountain on April 13, 1999, from Bear Country U.S.A in South Dakota. With fellow black bear Yonahlossee (“Yonnie”), he flew to Charlotte, N.C., where his new keepers picked him up at the airport and drove him to his new home.  Kody’s keepers were very excited to get him, because he is a cinnamon-colored black bear! When he arrived, he was so young and tiny — weighing only eight pounds — that he had not learned how to crawl forward yet; he could only crawl backwards. Soon, though, he was running around, climbing trees and now, being our only male, is the largest bear.

Kody is laid back and extremely sure of himself. He hasn’t always been this way, though. For a long time, Kody was shy and timid. Despite the fact that he was considerably larger, he would go climb a tree and whine for help when the other bears got into an argument. Kody finally realized that he was, at least, 150 pounds larger than anyone else and didn’t have anything to be afraid of. Kody loves playing in the pond, snuggling with his girls, rolling peanut butter balls and lounging on rocks. Kody has fathered 10 cubs in the past, although he has since been given a vasectomy to prevent further breeding.

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