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Watson is one of three bull elk that live here on Grandfather Mountain. He arrived on Dec. 7, 2017, with two other young males when he was about four months old. Watson and his two companions, Doc and Merle, were all born in Salisbury, N.C., on the ranch of an elk farmer.

When Watson and the others made the ride up from Salisbury, keepers were worried that the long trip, as well as the bumpy and winding roads on the mountain, would be very stressful for the young elk. However, when they arrived, they were all very calm and were able to be introduced into their new habitat almost immediately, without an acclimatization period in the shifting paddock.

Watson was the first of the three elk to warm up to his new keepers, walking right up to the fence to see if they had brought anything tasty for him. He got so comfortable taking produce from his keepers’ hands that the keepers had to start figuring out ways to distract him so that Doc and Merle also had a chance to get some! Watson was the last of the boys to start growing his antlers.

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