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Adopt Carolina!
Carolina was born into captivity out west. On April 14, 1997, at approximately 10 weeks of age, Carolina and her adopted sister, Dakota, flew to Charlotte, N.C., where they were met by their new keepers. She was hand-raised and actually lived in the habitat office until she was big enough to live outside in one of the bear habitats. She was named after the state she now calls home.

Carolina is very calm and has an extremely sweet nature. She loves eating, being a mother and looking cute. She is often called our “Piggy Bear” or “Roly Poly” Carolina due to her obsession with food. In the past, she has given birth to several cubs and even adopted a couple to raise as her own. She is a loving, attentive and very protective mother. If anything ever needs care, Carolina is the first to come running, making her concerned motherly “grunts” the whole way. She is missing the end of one of her ears, which only enhances the adorable looks that she gives.

Adopt at any level and know your animal—and you—will be well cared for. Celebrating a birthday or special occasion? Adoptions make great gifts, too.

$25 Level
– Certificate of adoption
– 5×7 photograph with description of adopted animal
– Grandfather Mountain eNewsletter subscription

$50 Level
Includes everything from the $25 level, plus:
– Animal Footprint Painting
– Photo upgrade: 8×10 photograph

$100 Level
Includes everything from the $50 level, plus:
– Plush of Adopted Animal
– 2 adult day passes to the park

$250 Level
Includes everything from the $100 level, plus:
– Pass upgrade: 6 adult day passes to the park instead of 2

$500 Level
Includes everything from the $250 level, plus:
– Behind-the-scenes group tour for 6 and a visit with your animal

$1,000 Level
Includes everything from the $500 level, plus:
– 2 Personalized videos of your adopted animal sent to you during the year

Benefit Level / Tax Deductible Amount
$25 / $20.96
$50 / $45.10
$100 / $30.68
$250 / $84.68
$500 / $124.68
$1,000 / $574.35

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