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Adopt Sally!
Sally the Corn Snake, was born 1999 and has been a pet for most of her life. Now she calls Grandfather Mountain home. Snakes live to be around 20 years old in captivity so Sally has entered her golden years. She has grown to be approximately five feet long. She loves to dig in her aquarium tank habitat, and keep the animal keepers on their toes. Sally’s favorite pass times are digging in her aspen bedding, climbing twigs and branches, trying to fit through belt buckles, and eating mice every couple weeks!

Do not be confused by the corn snake’s beautiful reddish-orange coloration, they are not venomous at all. Many people confuse these beautiful snakes with the also beautiful, but venomous, copperheads. Sally does have very sharp teeth, but they are only for helping her hold onto her mice. Specialized teeth called fangs are used to deliver venom in venomous snakes but thankfully for the keepers and guests Sally does not have these.

Adopt at any level and know your animal—and you—will be well cared for. Celebrating a birthday or special occasion? Adoptions make great gifts, too.

$25 Level
– Certificate of adoption
– 5×7 photograph with description of adopted animal
– Grandfather Mountain eNewsletter subscription

$50 Level
Includes everything from the $25 level, plus:
– Animal Footprint Painting
– Photo upgrade: 8×10 photograph

$100 Level
Includes everything from the $50 level, plus:
– Plush of Adopted Animal
– 2 adult day passes to the park

$250 Level
Includes everything from the $100 level, plus:
– Pass upgrade: 6 adult day passes to the park instead of 2

$500 Level
Includes everything from the $250 level, plus:
– Behind-the-scenes group tour for 6 and a visit with your animal

$1,000 Level
Includes everything from the $500 level, plus:
– 2 Personalized videos of your adopted animal sent to you during the year

Benefit Level / Tax Deductible Amount
$25 / $20.96
$50 / $45.10
$100 / $30.68
$250 / $84.68
$500 / $124.68
$1,000 / $574.35

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