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Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation brings the wonders of the mountain straight to your location, by providing interactive, hands-on learning experiences!  Outreach programs can be presented in the classroom or in a natural outdoor setting at your school or facility, depending on your group’s needs.  Programs last approximately an hour, unless otherwise communicated.

Choose from a wide variety of program topics, from birds and butterflies to weather, or let us customize a program to fit your group’s specific interests and size. Please note that smaller groups will receive a more hands-on experience. To further discuss your group’s needs, contact education specialist Michelle at michelle@grandfather.com or (828) 733-4326.

To Schedule Outreach Programs, please complete the Education and Outreach Request Google Form. Note: A program must be scheduled 4 weeks prior to the program date.

NC Science Essential Standards
Outreach programs align with the North Carolina Science Essential Standards for each grade level.  Students receive hands-on experiences that correlate with classroom curriculum.  Programs strive to meet “Science as Inquiry Standards”:

  • Conduct Investigations
  • Make Careful Observations and Measurements
  • Work in Small Groups
  • Use Data to Create Explanations
  • Use Appropriate Safety Procedures

 Programs: Age Level and Standards Addressed

Plant Detectives (K & 1st) – This student-centered exploration routine provides ways for students to observe, research, and share discoveries about plants and environments.  Students will “interview” a plant to understand their basic needs that are provided by the environment.  (K.L.1, K.L.2) (1.L.1)

Creepy Critters (K, 1st, & 2nd) – Students will use discovery tools to examine the similarities and differences between living organisms.  They will get to meet real-life animals in this exciting program and discover what all animals need: air, water, space, food, and shelter. (K.L.1) (1.L.1) (2.L.1)

Weather Wizards (2nd) – This student-centered exploration routine provides ways for students to observe, research, and share discoveries about weather.  Students will practice making observations through drawing and writing, use tools to identify and research weather, and present their findings to their peers. (2.E.1)

Plant Detectives (3rd) – This student centered exploration routine provides ways for students to identify the function of plant structures as they relate to the survival of plants in their environment.  Students will also be able to explore the distinct stages of the life cycle of seed plants.  (3.L.2)

Mineral Detective (4th) – This student-centered exploration provides ways for students to observe, research, and share discoveries about minerals.  Students explore and examine different minerals and study them through drawing, recording observations, and asking questions. (4.P.2)

Weather Wizards (5th) – This student-centered exploration curriculum will encourage students to make detailed observations about current weather phenomena by understanding cloud types and learning about the functions of various weather equipment.  (5.E.1)

Niches and Habitats (5th & 8th) – Students will have a chance to find the connections between different species and the roles they fill in the ecosystem.  Students will create their own food web and discuss how changes in the environment affect species ability to survive.  (5.L.2)

Weather Wizards (7th) – Students will practice critical thinking by using observational skills to determine weather phenomenon by identifying weather patterns based on a set of weather instruments.  Students will also determine global weather changes influencing air quality through lichen investigation. (7.E.1)

Naturalist Led Outdoor Hikes or Indoor Talks (All Ages) – Your group will meet with one of Grandfather Mountain’s expert naturalists to make careful observations of the natural history of the Southern Appalachian Mountains  Topics will vary based on location and season, but could include birding, wildflowers, plants, fungi, and wildlife.

Pricing and Reservations

  • $75 fee per one-hour program in the following counties: Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Burke, Caldwell, McDowell, Mitchell, Watauga, Wilkes, Yancey and Carter (Tenn.)
  • If your county is not listed, the fee is $75 per one-hour program plus the current federal mileage rate and taxes.
  • For more info, contact education specialist Michelle at michelle@grandfather.com or (828) 733-4326.

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