Preserving Grandfather

No Profit, Yet There’s So Much to Gain.

The Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation is a non-profit organization, which means that everything we do is to benefit the mountain itself and the people who visit. We strive to make Grandfather a place where people can escape the daily grind, explore natural wonders and understand the amazing world around them. Fortunately, we’re not alone in our efforts. People like you help us protect the mountain in its current state for future generations, while we make visitors welcome, provide nature education and promote good stewardship. To learn more, please see our most recent annual report.


How do you protect an entire mountain? With a mountain of effort, of course.

Throughout Grandfather Mountain’s history, thousands of people have made a big difference in its preservation and conservation—protecting it as a wonderful place for animals, like Mildred the Bear, as well as plants and people. Our ongoing efforts include everything from generating energy using solar panels to supporting bird-friendly coffee to recycling everything we possibly can.

But we need your help, too. Everyone who visits Grandfather Mountain or supports it through donations or souvenir sales becomes part of the team honoring Mildred, and all the other living treasures on the mountain, by protecting her home. Every dollar received through ticket sales, souvenirs, food and beverage, and donations contributes to keeping Grandfather Mountain pristine and beautiful for generations to come.

Join with us in keeping Grandfather a place that Mildred—and everyone else who’s made a difference for Grandfather Mountain—would be proud of for upholding a legacy of protection and preservation.

Will you consider a contribution to help keep Grandfather Mountain the important—and incredible—place it is today? We encourage you to support Grandfather through visits, donations, souvenirs and learning more so you can spread the word.