Grandfather Mountain concluded 2020 with a chill.

According to data from the National Weather Service recording station located at the Mile High Swinging Bridge, the temperature dipped as low as -1° F on Dec. 26. In contrast, the top had warmed to 53° on Dec. 12 and 14, bringing that month’s average high and low to 38.9° and 22.5°, respectively.

December’s highest wind gust registered at 92.4 mph, while the highest sustained wind speed clocked in at 81.2 mph. The park’s highest recorded wind gust remains 124 mph, recorded Feb. 25, 2019.

The recording station also noted 4.76” of precipitation (rain, melted snow, etc.) in December.

The data indicates a slightly colder December than in 2019, when the average high and low were 44.8° and 29.6°, respectively.

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