Grandfather Mountain and its famous profile are bathed in fall color, as viewed from the nearby town of Seven Devils. According to Dr. Howie Neufeld, professor of biology at Appalachian State University and official “Fall Color Guy,” fall colors are now peaking in the WNC High Country. “This would be the week to see the colors in the High Country of North Carolina,” Neufeld said. “The colors are on time this year and exceptionally bright, and I would rank the fall color season this year as an 8.5 to 9.0, depending on where you are.”

Bright fall color surrounds the Mile High Swinging Bridge, as it descends Grandfather Mountain’s lofty slopes. “Colors should last through this week and into the weekend,” Neufeld said. “After that, and because of some rain predicted for Saturday, the best colors will move downslope some. But the oaks are still coloring up, so some color will persist after this weekend in the High Country.” Like so, Grandfather Mountain offers an ideal vantage point to see the color spreading throughout the lower elevations, allowing leaf-lookers to see the entire season unfold before their eyes.

Photos by Skip Sickler | Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation