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Gerry came to Grandfather Mountain from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. She was born in the wild in Northern Michigan and then orphaned at two months of age. Michigan wildlife agents hand-raised her for a month before they found a wild mother bear being used in a research project that would adopt her. The mother bear raised Gerry as one of her own. Unfortunately, Gerry became too acclimated to humans, so when the research concluded, she had to be placed in captivity. On June 5, 1992, at 3-and-a-half years old, Gerry moved to Grandfather Mountain with her three cubs.

Gerry prefers hanging out with her keepers over other bears and happily resides in one of the bear habitats by herself. She loves staring at the views from her “back porch,” getting treats and tormenting the bears on the other side of the fence. Even at age 26, Gerry is still very spry and acts like a bear half her age. Although she is very patient, she does not hesitate to let her keepers know when they aren’t moving fast enough with her very distinctive and adorable moaning.

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  • Pass upgrade: 6 adult day passes to the park instead of 2
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  • Behind-the-scenes group tour for 6 and a visit with your animal!
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