Preserving the Mountain

Here at the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation, we have a commitment to preserve Grandfather Mountain and the fragile high-elevation spruce-fir ecosystem that clings to its lofty peaks. As a friend of Grandfather, you have the opportunity to select from two environmental initiatives. Through your support, important projects will be completed, resulting in the preservation of the mountain. Please specify which project you would like to support.

Research: Wildlife and Wonders
To accomplish this goal, we participate in numerous scientific studies designed to identify the threats to this biome and the flora and fauna that live here.  Armed with this information we cooperate with North Carolina State Parks, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, The Nature Conservancy and several other agencies to manage the property in the most responsible ways.

  • Research Initiative: Help fund scientific research projects relating to wildlife, geology, science, the ecosystem and education to preserve natural resources. Proposed projects: Nest Box Research, Climate Change Studies, Salamander Surveys and Invertebrate Research

Grandfather: The Greenest Park
We take our commitment to stewardship a step further by investing in sustainable practices wherever economically feasible. We encourage recycling by providing recycling bins throughout the park.  Food prepared and sold in our restaurant is served using 100-percent compostable and biodegradable plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives and take-out containers. The power of the sun is harnessed to heat both the building and the water at the Fudge Shop, and photovoltaic (solar) panels produce renewable energy that is sold to the grid.

  • Sustainability Initiative: Help fund projects that reduce Grandfather’s ecological footprint, increase operational efficiency and better preserve environmental resources.