Blue Ridge Goldenrod

The rare & endangered Blue Ridge GoldenrodBlue Ridge Goldenrod
(Solidago spithamaea)

A perennial plant endemic to a very narrow range found on rock outcrops, cliffs, and balds in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The rock outcrops on which it occurs are exposed with no canopy cover and experience possibly the most extreme winter conditions in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Grows from short stout rhizomes while erect stem is from 5-10 cm. tall and is usually unbranched below the inflorescence. Considered globally imperriled, the Blue Ridge Goldenrod is one of the rarest plants found on Grandfather Mountain and blooms in July and August.

Grandfather is home to one of only three colonies of Blue Ridge Goldenrod known in the world. It is considered to be a relict a larger group of goldenrods abundant in more northern, alpine localities.

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