The Winter Weather Contest entry has now closed. Please check back soon to see if you are the winner.

The Woolly Worm has made its prediction and all the weather experts are completing their forecasts for the coming winter, now it’s your turn.  This year marks the 7th Annual Winter Weather Contest for E-Club members.  Enter to win by November 14.

“Winter” for this contest is November 15 through April 15. Those interested are asked to fill out the questionnaire with their winter predictions.

Please note that the snowfall measurement used for this winter’s contest will be taken from data gathered at the Entrance Gate.  High winds at the top of the Mountain have affected precipitation data in previous years and the amount recorded at that location is generally less than what the Mountain actually experiences.  Temperature and wind readings will continue to come from the top of the Mountain.

Grandfather’s previous winter weather data has been included under some questions to provide reference.   Since the location for the snow measurements has been changed for the contest, no past reference information is given on questions pertaining to precipitation.

A Winter Weather Winner will be named at the end of April and will receive a day pass for six to the Mountain with lunch included at Mildred’s Grill.

All Grandfather Mountain Winter Weather forecasts are due Wednesday, November 14 by midnight.