The turn of the calendar signals a new season on Grandfather Mountain — and the return of a stellar bargain allowing unlimited access to the park for six months.

SS1The Secret Season Pass allows passholders unlimited access to the mountain Nov. 1 through April 30 for only $32 (plus tax) for adults — less than the price of two regular tickets. A child’s Secret Season pass (ages 4-12) is just $18 plus tax.

A group pass, good for up to six people traveling in the same vehicle, sells for $90 plus tax and pays for itself on the first visit.

The pass allows guests to experience the wonders of Grandfather Mountain absent the bustle of spring, summer and fall. Whether your interest is snapping shots of snow-dusted evergreens, sipping soup from Mildred’s Grill or just savoring the solitude, the Secret Season Pass is the most affordable way to do it.

“Seeing the Mile High Swinging Bridge coated in rime ice and watching the otters plunge into their frozen pond makes Grandfather Mountain a unique treat during winter,” said Kellen Short, public relations specialist. “It’s certainly a quiet time on the mountain — you really feel like you have the place to yourself.”

The Secret Season passes will be available starting Nov. 1 at the Grandfather Mountain Entrance Gate and are valid through April 30.

SS2Grandfather Mountain is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day in winter except Thanksgiving and Christmas, weather permitting. Park opening is delayed until all roads and paths can be cleared of snow and ice, but a phone call to the Entrance Gate at (828) 733-4337 can confirm the day’s conditions and set the stage for a memorable outing.

The not-for-profit Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation strives to inspire conservation of the natural world by helping guests explore, understand and value the wonders of Grandfather Mountain. For more information, call (800) 468-7325 or visit to plan a trip.