Junior Ranger Program


Meet Grandfather’s best friend, Yonni!

Hi, Junior Rangers! I’m Yonni, a Yonahlossee Salamander from Grandfather Mountain! I help kids explore the mountain and use what they learn at home, too!

When you visit Grandfather Mountain, you can pick up a Junior Ranger booklet from the box beside the paved path as you start down to the Animal Habitat area to get to know me better. It’ll take you on a fun scavenger hunt, help you explore a trail, learn cool facts about the nature around you, and let you meet some of my friends. Before you leave the park, take your completed Junior Ranger booklet to the Entrance Gate to take the official Junior Ranger pledge and receive your honorary badge and certificate.

I ask my Junior Rangers to do one thing to protect the planet — anything you want! We don’t all have to do everything, but we do have to help take care of the world we live in. What will you do? Maybe:

— Turn off the lights when you leave a room?
— Recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans?
— Remind your family to bring along reusable bags when they shop?
— Turn off the water when you brush your teeth?