Work constructing the new eagle habitat at Grandfather Mountain is well underway this March. Freestanding fence support posts now surround the Grandfather Mountain Eagle Habitat as the grand avian dwelling takes shape.

Since the last update, the 15-foot-tall stainless steel support columns have been firmly cemented into the ground. Their glossy, black paint job makes them surprisingly subtle despite their load-bearing stature.

Allison Fence, a company that specializes in special fence construction, is still working diligently as weather permits.

“The next step is to add the roof support sections that will hold special mesh. Then they will add three feet of chain-link fencing at the bottom of the overlooks,” said Bonnie Clark, assistant manager of the Grandfather Mountain Animal Habitats. “The goal is to have the project complete by April at this point.”

The completion date comes just in time to usher in Grandfather Mountain’s newest residents, two bald eagles that will be calling the brand new enclosure home (pending the approval of the US Fish and Wildlife Service).

This pair of eagles, imported from the Raptor Recovery Center in Nebraska, will hopefully become a mated pair. Unlike previous feathered residents of the Grandfather Mountain Animal Habitats, these eagles can still fly. They were the victims of eye injuries that inhibit their ability to hunt well enough to survive in the wild.

The fully enclosed habitat allows Grandfather Mountain to acquire these partially flighted eagles and helps keep the raptors safe from wild animals that might try to invade the enclosure and steal the eagles’ food.

For more information about the Eagle Habitat renovation or to donate to the eagle habitat renovation fund, please visit or call 828-733-8715.