GMHG Hi Res Photos

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dancer.jpg… photo by Ashley Taylor (.44 MB) The highland dancers are arguably the best athletes on the field as they agilely maneuver the intricate steps of the Highland Fling and the Sword Dance.
point_sublime… photo by Hugh Morton (1.8 MB) The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are considered America’s best highland games because guests find the Blue Ridge mountain setting so reminiscent of Scotland.
caber3.jpg… photo by John Grogan (.86 MB) In the Caber Toss, the athlete must turn a telephone-pole sized log end over end. Tosses that fall the closest to the “twelve o’clock” position are winners.
drum_major.jpg… photo by Hugh Morton (.43 MB) Grandfather’s Games are considered among the best in the world because of the beautiful highland setting and because a higher percentage of people at these Games attend in kilts, costumes and other regalia.
herding.jpg… photo by Hugh Morton (2.5 MB) Sheep herding by Scottish border collies is a crowd favorite each morning and afternoon of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.
parade_tartans.jpg… photo by Hugh Morton (2.3 MB) The most colorful event of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games happens Sunday when representatives from each Scottish Clan in attendance march behind tartan banners in the Parade of Tartans. So many people participate that the parade circles the track twice before all participants are on the field.